3 Firming Moves That Won’t Feel Like a Workout

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There’s nothing better than feeling like a kid again! These three easy moves take you back to playtime and don’t even feel like a workout, but don’t worry, you’ll see plenty of results ; )



This move works your quads, glutes and legs. Start in a squat position and jump straight up extending your arms straight above your head. Repeat without pausing in between for 30 seconds straight.


Help work on your arms, shoulders, abs, legs and back with this move. Start on all fours and rise up onto your toes. Start to crawl forward making sure to pull your navel towards your spine as you go, if you’re doing it right your abs should be on fire! Continue for 1 minute.


You should remember this from gym class, it works on your abs, glutes, triceps, shoulders and upper back. Start by pushing into your heels to raise your bottom and move backward while expanding your chest and thinking “proud peacock!” as you go. Walk for at least 1 minute.


We hope these fun animal moves put a pep in your step and added an element of fun to your workout and remember, trying is lying, just do!

Author: Courtney

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