The Insomniac’s Guide To Sleep Remedies

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From one insomniac to another, I am used to tiring myself out to the point of exhaustion so that as soon as I hit my bed, I instantly fall asleep. But science has once again proven me wrong and figured out ways that people can fall asleep quicker if you’re a late-night thinker like I am. Here’s a few tips that I find can be both enjoyable and effective for a full night’s sleep while still dealing with a fast-flowing mind.

The first is meditation and yoga. Yeah, it sounds cliché, but do it for ten minutes. Surround yourself with dim candles or essential oils that promote relaxation, while stretching out that daily stress so the sleep can overcome you instead of any anxiety. This also means putting your phone down, as the blue lights emitted from any electronic equipment will automatically interrupt your sleep cycle. Scientists say that you should unplug at least an hour before hitting the hay.

Another go-to for my wandering mind is journaling. Getting today’s thoughts on paper or making a to-do list for tomorrow can be a healthy way of taking the focus off of the past and future, so you can focus on the one thing you need in the present, sleep. Stick to old fashioned pen and paper because typing out your thoughts might tempt you to lurk on social media instead of getting your much needed sleep.

Lastly, and I cannot attest to this, tea is supposed to be your go-to sleep medicine. I don’t drink tea and will stick to my nightly glass of wine, but if you’re an herb fanatic try out some chamomile before bed may just knock you out the right way. So stop staying up restless every night and finally get your sleep on!

Author: Josh Harlow

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