This High-Tech Bracelet Is Both Pretty And Useful

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It’s wonderful to watch technology merge with the fashion industry. There are digital body scanners that can take a person’s measurements in one visit so clothing companies can custom-make clothing for clients with the push of a button. There are fashion apps like DAAMN! that give you access to your own personal stylist who can offer on demand style opinions with the push of a button. This whole push of a button thing seems to be quite a theme in the fashion-technology world.

Ringly Luxe is the stylish smart bracelet that is just as pretty as it is useful. Teamed up with an app, this bracelet sends data directly to your phone, like any smart watch or band would. But, what sets this bracelet apart isn’t just it’s gorgeous, seemingly inconspicuous look. You can set customizable alerts, track your fitness goals and step count, and monitor your overall activity. Basically, this bracelet is exactly what you’re looking for if you want to both look stylish and have the ability to stay in shape and track your fitness goals. The cherry on top? If you already have enough bracelets, the company also sells smart rings that offer the same technology as the bracelets do. They are just as cute as the bracelets, too! We don’t know about you, but we cannot decide which one is better!

Author: Kelsey

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