How To Stay Fit While Traveling

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Traveling at this time of year is wonderful. You’re probably spending time with family, enjoying lots of yummy food and staying cozy inside. It can also be a time when we tend to fall off the exercise wagon though. I know that I’m a lot less inclined to work out when I’m traveling, and have people to visit and things to do and see.

But this is also an opportunity to jump start your New Year’s fitness goals and get on track!

1. Bring Sneakers and Fitness Clothes
This may sound obvious, but if you don’t pack clothes you can exercise in, it’s not going to happen. Even just throwing on your sneakers can help put you in the mood to take a walk, a jog or a hike.

Track Your Steps With Family and Friends
Use your phone or a fitness tracker to have a little friendly competition with your travel companions. Challenge each other to reach a certain amount of steps each day, or to get their heart rate up for a certain amount of time. Having support is a great way to find motivation!

Try A New Fitness Class
Being away from home also means that you have access to some things you may not usually try. Look up fitness classes near you and challenge yourself to try at least one while you’re in the area.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast
When you’re on vacation, it’s easy to indulge in some treats you don’t normally get at home. And that’s perfectly fine! Just make sure you start each day with a healthy breakfast. It helps set the tone for the rest of the day, and leaves room for small treats later in the day.

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