Ways To Drink More Water

Bella Breakdown

You might have found yourself in bed, about to go to sleep when your eyes pop open and you ask yourself, “did I drink any water today?”. Yes, the three cups of coffee and six diet sodas you drank during the day do not count as hydration. In fact it’s the opposite, just so we are clear. Human being are frankly not drinking enough water during the day. There are a few tricks you can do to make yourself drink more water throughout the day. These tips will have you feeling refreshed, energized, not bloated, and frankly leave you glowing. Water is the answer to a lot of problems.

1. Put Timers On Your Phone
If you put timers on your phone to remind you to drink 8 ounces of water, you are not going to forget!

2. Get A Great Bottle
Awesome water bottles make you want to drink water. You’ll be excited to bring it along to work, to the gym, etc. A lot of people really enjoy water bottles that have diffusers to add fruit to.

3. Drink Water With Meals
Whenever you sit down to eat, drink water before your meals. This will actually help you feel more full, in addition to the added hydration.

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