Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Sitting Down All Day

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Sitting in a chair all day may have been expected of you. However, due to growing health concerns, researchers are advising those who can to get out of their work chairs and get physical while working.

While sitting in your chair may seem like the most logical thing to do at your desk, try standing for a while. Due to you not using your lower body muscles it could lead to muscle atrophy. This means the longer and the more you stay seated, the more your lower muscles will begin to weaken.

Weight gain is also a side effect of sitting for long periods of time. When you spend most of your day in a chair your muscles aren’t able to release certain molecules like lipoprotein lipase. Also, your butt would be at a much greater risk of widening.

A bad back, anxiety, and depression are just more long-term effects your body can have when you are seated for a prolonged amount of time. Due to the benefits of mental health that comes with fitness, those who stay seated lose the plus side that comes to being fit.

Author: B.J. Mims

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