The Right Clothes May Be The Key To Gym Success

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Having trouble feeling motivated to hit the gym? We often put immense pressure on ourselves, creating a judgmental atmosphere that weakens our motivation with negativity, especially when it comes to accomplishing fitness goals. We must be kinder to ourselves, and that positivity will show in the results achieved. We all know that feeling of confidence when you put on a cute new outfit and strut your stuff. That confidence can translate to the gym too. If you feel fabulous, you’re less likely to hide out while at the gym and more likely to stay motivated. You will get the courage you need to get to the gym and quit feeling so self-conscious.

Research of 2,000 gym-goers conducted by Barbell showed that nearly 9 out of 10 people agree that simply putting on their gym clothes helps them feel motivated to actually go to the gym. 85% reported that having cool-looking gym clothes gave them more confidence in the gym. 33% of survey respondents said just talking to others about going to the gym helped them hold themselves to it later. Over half of American gym–goers believe that listening to music during your workout is vital. The top three things that keep people motivated to hit the gym are seeing results in their body, putting on gym clothes, and drinking a lot of water. So call up your best friend, put together a killer playlist, and put on your most adorable new athleisure wear so you can hit the gym with confidence! Even if it’s just a new outfit, this additional motivation is a great technique to become enthusiastic about your workout. With more brands offering versatile gym to streetwear options, it is the perfect time to get fashionable and fit!

Author: Sue Swinea

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